Why Rwanda?

As many African countries still struggle to find their path to the future, Rwanda is emerging as a light of great potential. Recovering from the terrible genocide in ways both tangible and intangible, Rwanda’s children must be taught the importance of never losing site of the past and in that context forging a more secure and meaningful future. Education in Rwanda today is more important than ever.

These are bright, beautiful children, eager to learn and secure their place in society, in their culture and the world. Right now these children go to schools that are in much need of basic things like clear, clean water. Most children in Rwanda and their families must walk to wells and back home, to school and to work carrying this water. There is simple no other way.

The schools are simple buildings, like a series of one-room schools, with shared tables as desks and benches for sitting, a black board and not much more. Yet the quality of the education is good thanks to the commitment of the Rwandan people.


Expertise at Beck Cardiac Center

The Beck Cardiac Center recruits highly qualified healthcare professionals to staff the hospital, focusing on matching the needs of our patients with the expertise of our personnel, and encourages and retains our professional staff by rewarding their education, experience and certifications continues to adapt and evolve professionally according to the most recent evidence-based research and international best practices within the field, and participates in national and international conferences to ensure that our staff and specialists remain inspired, relevant and driven by excellence. Above all, the Beck Cardiac Center also cares for those in need of our services who are less fortunate.

Some of the services are offered at Beck Cardiac Center:

  • Consultation with a Preventive Cardiologist
  • ECG, Stress test, 2D - Echo
  • ECG monitored Exercise under medical supervision
  • Had a heart attack
  • Chest pain &angina
  • Family history of heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Overweight
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Heart failure
  • Smoking/tobacco use
  • Reduces or eliminates the risk of future heart diseases.
  • Improves heart strength & function
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Cholesterol levels
  • Improves Diabetes
  • Weight loss
  • Improved physical fitness and energy levels
  • Improved management of stress
  • Increased ability to perform job or tasks

Cardiac Care in Rwanda

In May of 2012, my wife Cairn and I were working in Rwanda. On a Friday afternoon my wife started having chest pain, so we went to the emergency room of one of the best hospitals in Rwanda for assessment.  We didn’t get the treatment we were looking for, as there was no in-depth cardiac assessment capability available.  I finally connected with one of the two cardiologists in Rwanda and after a quick assessment he prescribed some nitrite medications and sent her home. 

Being a cardiac nurse for an extensive period of time, I knew there was more to this sudden chest pain than what was showing on the EKG.  Even though it was interpreted as normal I was not convinced that we should settle for that.

That evening, we made arrangements to return to the USA as quickly as possible,  to seek further treatment.  It was a very stressful and anxiety producing trip, as we didn’t know how serious her condition was. 

As soon as we got back the USA, we went to emergency room where she was admitted to the hospital under the care of cardiologists.  A complete battery of cardiac and other assessments were done, including a cardiac stress test, a CT scan to look for pulmonary emboli, serial ECG tracings and multiple laboratory diagnostics.  The next day she had a heart catheterization and it was found that 75% of her left anterior descending artery was occluded.  A cardiac stent was placed and she was discharged within 24 hours on an ongoing cardiac regimen.

Now she is back to work full time and feeling fine, although her cardiac status is monitored regularly.

Vianney Ruhumuliza, RN,MSN


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The Beck Cardiac Center temporary location in Kigali.