Helping Hands for Rwanda has a facebook page and will also be Tweeting under RwandaVR

Hello everyone, we are working to help Rwanda continue to grow and flourish as a strong and independent country. This website as well as our Facebook page, and Twitter @RwandaVR exist for the purpose of uniting everyone interested in helping Rwandan’s fulfill their dream.

For Rwandan’s living and working in their country, everyday is a day of great promise and progress because they have achieved so much already they know they can and will do more. What is amazing is how much can be done with relatively little resources. Rwandan’s are very hard working and dedicated to achieving their goals. For those of us who are not there, but have family or friends who live there, and for those that just want to help, is here to connect each of us with the great potential that is Rwanda. Rwandan’s are right now building much needed hospitals and medical schools. Guisorendbullmudf . They are also working very hard to build their schools and supply them with clean, running water so their children have a safe and healthy environment in which to learn. Rwanda companies So much has been done and there is so much to do. Please take 5 minutes and look at the photos and you will see the face of a nation that has much to give.

Rwandan’s are hard at work building their future, you can be confident that whatever  little you can give will help them create something big. Please make a donation today.

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